Sunday, November 16, 2014

What is Press Day? Good question!

Press day in Milan is like having the best closets in the city open their doors and ask you to come in and cop a feel.  I know, great, right?
Spring/ Summer 2015
Gil Santucci

Lovely new designer!
Domenico Cioffi

Frequently in the hands of Jennifer Lopez
Designer:  Thale Blanc

Hedi Slimane Photo of the Week: Back to Simple

You might wonder why I've chosen a nude for the Hedi Slimane post.
Honestly, I think this is what fashion and society is evolving BACK into.  Nudity.
HEDI SLIMANE Fashion Diary (2013)

Models and Men: Martin Vansuit Conte

So one of the cool things about my job as Editor-In-Chief is that I get to meet people.
But the people I meet tend to be extraordinarily beautiful.  And while not everyone is beautiful inside and out sometimes I am lucky and I do meet one of those inside-outside-beautiful people.
So I interview them for my magazine, ROUGH Italia.

And here I will only give you the best parts.  The pieces I loved the most from my interviews.

 So let's start with one of my favorite people, Martin Vansuit Conte.


Is anyone else super excited for the Versace for Riachuelo collection?  Those dresses and the shoes!
And seriously, I've watched this video like 10 times ...

YSL by Hedi Slimane : Revisited

I have to eat my words.  while I still cringe at the sight of the show (I still don't like it) i hate to have  to admit that the man knew.  he knew before everyone else.  and he made it fashionable.  that's right, "Fast Fashion".

and now fast fashion starts on the runway, and from Vogue's lips to bloggers hips the reinterpretation begins.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New York Fashion Week: First up, Second season for Duckie Brown | Spring/ Summer 2015

You know that I am a big Duckie Brown Fan. I have a "spotlight on" post about their menswear, which is gorgeous.  How can you not love a design team that wants to put men in pearls ...

Duckie Brown
Menswear Fall/ Winter 
 But I don't understand what is going on with their new woman's wear line ...
Duckie Brown Woman
Spring/ Summer 2015

Hedi Slimane Photo of the Week: Epiphany

hedi slimane diary
july 2014

I recently had a moment of clarity.  i realized i've been bending over backwards avoiding a pain and a fear